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Free access to webinars that we organised about our technology

for the treatment of wastewater and biogas.

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Webinar#1 (EN Version): Thermal ammonia stripping, recovery and re-use from high strength ammonia wastewater

Webinar#2 (Bahasa Version): Produksi Biogas Skala Besar Dari Limbah Pertanian Di Indonesia

Webinar#2 (EN version): Large scale biogas production from agricultural waste in Indonesia

Webinar#3 (EN Version): Landfill gas projects avoiding the pitfalls, minimising risk and achieving bankability

Webinar#4 (Bahasa Version): Proyek gas tempat pembuangan akhir; mencegah perangkap dan memperkuat kesuksesan proyek anda

Webinar#5 (EN Version): Thermal Ammonia Removal, Destruction and new methods of Extraction

Special Webinar#6 (Bahasa Version): Biogas to Energy; Sistem engine biogas & penerapannya di Indonesia by Euroasiatic & Organics

Special Webinar#7 (Bahasa Version): Mesin biogas dan bahan baku alternatif di Indonesia oleh Euroasiatic dan Organics

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