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Dr Robert Eden

Over his 30-year career in the renewable energy, waste management and pollution control sectors Robert has been a champion for biogas energy, pyrolysis-gasification and innovative pollution control techniques such as thermal ammonia strippers. Robert has established several biogas businesses including the Organics Group in 1993 and has extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of landfill gas and biogas capture and utilisation including liquified biomethane, power and heat utilisation projects worldwide. He has led the expansion of the Organics Group into SE Asia where it is a recognised leader in biogas utilisation and innovation in waste management.

Gunnar Krueger

Gunnar is a Partner and Director in several Renewable Energy Development Companies in South Africa and Australia. Gunnar has over 17 years of international professional business experience. Whilst living in Germany and Australia he has accumulated wide-ranging experience in managing international operations and multi-disciplinary teams. Engaged primarily in CFO positions, he has specialised in all management areas leading to the successful development of 260MW of fully operational wind farms. He has also been closely involved in the development of a 200mt biodiesel plant, and 246MW of photovoltaic energy capacity.

Mark Moulden

Mark has over 25 years experience in the renewable energy, waste management and pollution control sectors. He has been heading up the technical services and project delivery for the Organics Group since 1996. He has commissioned projects worldwide, including the worlds largest thermal ammonia strippers in Hong Kong, award winning gas utilisation schemes in Malaysia and Singapore and pyrolysis systems in the UK and the Middle East. In his current role as Technical Director at Organics he has most recently been assisting the British MoD with an assessment of their on-ship waste to energy systems.

Keith Richardson

Keith has 30 years experience in the power and waste sectors working in many aspects of the development process. Management positions in various companies have given Keith a grounding in all aspects of renewable energy projects. Keith has held a number of other executive and non-executive board-level positions with international corporations and start-ups in the power, engineering, and waste sectors. He has led the development and financing of more than 2 GW of renewable energy generation facilities globally, including 300MW of photovoltaic projects in South Africa and SE Asia.

Christopher Eden

Chris has over 30 years of experience in landfill gas and biogas utilisation projects and other projects related to waste management and control of emisions. After an early career working with leading landfill gas operators in the UK Chris spent 12 years as CEO with the Spanish renewable energy group Energía Sur de Europa focused on the degasification and generation of power from landfill sites including 24 MW of landfill projects in Spain and 11 MW in Portugal. Chris has worked as a freelance consultant with several major engineering companies in Europe and Africa.

Andrey Virsics

Andrey is a design engineer with many years of experience in the field of digital design and the use of software to prepare high-precision design drawings for the construction of engineering plants. He has been responsible for the creation and implementation of engineering design using CAD software, and is involved in the research and design of new products and systems; principally to convert them to digital designs that can be used either in sales or construction of plants. He is also heavily involved in the preparation and modification of prototypes, as well as leading in techniques of fabrication.

John Royle

Mark Jaques


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