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An ever-increasing demand for resources, a growing population, a greater public awareness of the effects of mass pollution and increasing costs, all highlight the need for efficient natural resource management. In this note, published in June 2019 issue of the World Fertilizer magazine, Dr. Robert Eden discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the technical options that have traditionally been employed for the removal and recovery of ammonia from wastewater. In the paper, he discusses the use of heat as a mechanism for the removal of ammonia and its possible recovery, providing a cost-effective option for retrieving a resource which, while valuable, can result in significant environmental damage if not adequately treated. The paper highlights the practical implementation of the technology at several sites in Hong Kong and offers suggestions as to how the technology not only ensures adequate treatment of wastewater but could also convert a potential pollutant into a commercially viable resource. Read a full article here

Dr. Robert Eden

Advanced Thermal Ammonia Removal