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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is beginning to take over. Many countries around the world are now in a position to generate much of their base-load requirements using alternative fuels that do not generate fossil carbon.

Ammonia Treatment

Leachate is a toxic mixture of many elements that are entrained during the passage of water or liquids through waste material. One of the most toxic elements is ammonia that can be treated using our patented system.

Treatment of H2S

Hydrogen sulphide is a colourless, strongly smelling gas that can be both toxic to human health and corrosive to unprotected machinery. A definite no-no.


We supplies specific technologies, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to energy.


Biomass can be converted into useful forms of energy with a wide range of technology and process options.

Organics dot Com

Organic and natural products for personal use. A one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers of naturally produced products.

Examples of our Projects

Products and services for renewable energy systems and environmental protection

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 2MW power generation project using landfill gas. The first landfill gas utilisation project in Malaysia to sell power to the grid under a long term PPA.

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 1MW landfill gas utilisation project selling power to the grid under the SEDA feed in tariff scheme. 2 x 500kW Jenbacher JGC 312 engines.

Biogas, Indonesia

2 MW of gas engines for self-use power generation using biogas from a closed lagoon bioreactor ( CLBR ) was installed at a cassava mill producing 200 tonnes / day of starch.


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