Based in the UK, with subsidiaries in the USA, Oceania, Europe and SE Asia, Organics has a global vision focusing locally on renewable energy and environmental protection.

Renewable Energy and Enviromental Protection

Although Organics works primarily as an EPC contractor, we also supply bespoke, specialty process units. Our objective is to ensure that, working with private businesses and government agencies,  we can help communities to make energy production cleaner and greener.

By promoting the use of renewable energy and natural products, which can only help in the global push for a more sustainable lifestyle, we aim to contribute towards a cleaner, healthier and safer place in which we, as well as those who have yet to take our place, can all live.


We supplies specific technologies, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to energy.


Biomass can be converted into useful forms of energy with a wide range of technology and process options.

Organics dot Com

Organic and natural products for personal use. A one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers of naturally produced products.

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 2MW power generation project using landfill gas. The first landfill gas utilisation project in Malaysia to sell power to the grid under a long term PPA.

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 1MW landfill gas utilisation project selling power to the grid under the SEDA feed in tariff scheme. 2 x 500kW Jenbacher JGC 312 engines.

Biogas, Indonesia

2 MW of gas engines for self-use power generation using biogas from a closed lagoon bioreactor ( CLBR ) was installed at a cassava mill producing 200 tonnes / day of starch.