Purpose-built solutions

Organics provides purpose-built engineering solutions for your specific pollution control problems. Read more »

Ammonia recovery of wastewater

Our technology can treat highly ammoniated water; our expertise is adapted to meet your specific requirements. Read more »

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Renewable Energy  &  Environmental Protection Systems

“The philosophy of Organics is to act as a force for good. We employ innovative technology to convert waste into an asset, recover ammonia from wastewater, promote environmental protection and promote the circular economy.”


We supplies specific technologies, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to energy.


Biomass can be converted into useful forms of energy with a wide range of technology and process options.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming embedded in the collective consciousness as the principal mechanism of producing our burgeoning energy demands and fulfilling our environmental obligations. Biogas is an important alternative fuel that does not regenerate fossil carbon and its use results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas.

Ammonia Recovery

Wastewater can be a toxic mixture of many elements that are entrained during the passage of water or liquids through waste material. One of the most toxic elements is ammonia that can be treated using our patented system. Its recovery and use as a fuel makes it a key component of the circular economy.

Treatment of H2S

Hydrogen sulphide is a colourless, strongly smelling gas that can be both toxic to human health and corrosive to unprotected machinery. Its treatment and removal is therefore of primary importance, especially during the production of biogas from either anaerobic digestion of landfilled waste.