Products & Services

The Organics Group has a wide range of engineering products and services designed to enhance sustainable living and care for our environment

process of engineering

Process Engineering

We supply one-off, purpose-built engineering solutions to specific pollution control problems and based on sound engineering knowhow.

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Our team is experienced in providing viable solutions ranging from project finance through to the long-term operation and maintenance of renewable energy power generation plant.

ammonia removal

Ammonia Removal

The removal of ammonia from leachate using a physical process can be carried out by using landfill gas to heat leachate or by adjusting the pH.


Refuse Derived Fuel Production

We supply turnkey technology solutions, processes and equipment for the conversion of waste to RDF for use as a fuel.


Biomass Technology

We design and provide a wide range of technology and process options for the convertion of biomass into useful forms of renewable energy.

organics market place

Naturally Organic

Our organics range of products from local suppliers are carefully selected. We provide a gateway to buyers and sellers of organic produce in our exclusive marketplace

Examples of our Projects

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 2MW power generation project using landfill gas. The first landfill gas utilisation project in Malaysia to sell power to the grid under a long term PPA.

Landfill gas, Malaysia

A 1MW landfill gas utilisation project selling power to the grid under the SEDA feed in tariff scheme. 2 x 500kW Jenbacher JGC 312 engines.

Biogas, Indonesia

2 MW of gas engines for self-use power generation using biogas from a closed lagoon bioreactor ( CLBR ) was installed at a cassava mill producing 200 tonnes / day of starch.